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Case study: Goodyear – Complete cultural turnaround

As a global manufacturer for tires and having the legacy from the inventor Charles Goodyear, the stakes were very high, back in 2006 when the Product Manager, at that moment, Ovidiu B invited me to work with the Dealers Channel, main distribution strategy for a market dominated by importers with manufacturing facilities in Romania.

Within a 3 years period, Ovidiu got promoted as General Sales Director with the main mission to become market leader on premium categories for Romania and Bulgaria for both lines, Truck and Automobiles.

Main challenge for the business was that all competitors had plants in Romania, so he needed to optimize the sales and marketing efforts with this major obstacle.

The first discussions were linked to the current culture present, based more long channel orientation, represented by Dealers and the emerging new culture based more on retail efforts and branding positioning.

Ovidiu presented the conflicts arising among departments, as the main tendency, also tensions at board level, some resistance for the newcomers arrivals in general.

So we decided to have 3 angles in a multi-layer approach, leadership coaching based on stakeholder’s feedback, high-potentials Academy team coaching interventions for departments and board team.

The Dealers Academy continued, in 2011 Premio Academy was launched with an ambitious deployment plan for new retail stores branded Premio. The cultural turnaround brought Goodyear in the market leader position, secured team relationships also in the retail part the 50-store goal was achieved in 2015.

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