Team Coaching

Case study: Banca Transilvania – Merger of two teams under same umbrella

The journey started with an extended team of 22 people merging from 2 departments recently invited to work together under a new umbrella.

Like in almost always cases we worked with, in this we encountered old & new employees trying to find their place in the new structure, with new processes, lack of trust in each other and in the new manager.

The purpose for the team coaching process was:

• need to identify the commune values of the members,

• alignment for common objectives,

• opening channels for communication and roles in the team.

The agreed approach was to start with the discussion about values in the team, deepening the learning by verifying what those values mean for each of them and what are the expectations from the others and what are they committed to bring into the team.

By placing an intention and observing it from different perspectives using the Meta-skill wheel, participants were able to identify the areas that need improvement and they agreed very specific behaviors and actions to work on from this day.

The Formal and Informal Role discussion place each of the them in the new structure, clarified their positions and the flow of communication and it was completed by the Constellation exercise, which brought light in understanding of their relationship level.

The results were that they became more aligned between them and with the manager, they agreed about the communication they desire in order to respect each others values and they agreed how can improve some relationships. All the voices were included on the agenda and everybody appreciated that.

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