Leadership Coaching

Case study: Vodafone – Board team members in cultural transformation with a new CEO

Vodafone is a global telecom operator that took over Connex in 2006, however this transition was difficult, local culture was dominating in a start-up form 1997 that used the first mover advantage on the market and put a clear stamp on managers in the way they approached problems.

The new CEO, a Romanian native, educated in Germany, had a financial approach based on investment in new technologies and turning around existing cultural habits.

The contract was sourced via Marshall Goldsmith CEE, and Serban being Senior Partner for Romania, received 5 executives including HR Director, Head of Networks, Head of IT, Project Manager Director and Procurement Director.

The solution included debrief on a motivation level and EQ indicator, leadership coaching process based on stakeholders feedback and measurement after 12 months.

Results were impressive; at the moment in 2009 the Procurement Director transitioned to a Sales Director role, from which he went to the global level. Also the Head of Networks moved to IT Director, and now is CEO in major digital company.

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