About Raluca

● Professional Certified Coach with ICF (2014)

● Certified Professional Coach with ICA (2014)

● Coaching Training Institute (2007)

● Associate Certified Coach – International Coach Federation (2008)

● Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching™ (ORSC) @ Tel Aviv (2011)

● International Coach Academy™ (ICA) @ Bucharest (2014)

● Founded local chapter of International Coach Federation (2006)

The changing

Change governed my life so far. Most of the time it was a conscious need, but there were also times when it came as an external factor. I easily accepted it every time, knowing that, in its absence, my life would have been a long series of boring events.

Coaching was one of the changes that came to me, but although I accepted it and built my life upon it, it has been a challenging road, for sure.

The five professions

It all started from my fear of being stuck in my home town, Câmpina (quite beautiful actually), where I could picture myself working in a factory, from 7 a.m., and married with a bored husband. So I asked acquaintances to help me find a job somewhere else. This is how I ended at an interview at Amoco Petroleum Products, an American distributor of petroleum products that was building filling stations. It was in 1996. I had no idea about how to use a computer and my English was rather relative (we were taught Spanish and French at school). It was about time to change these things.

But just 9 months later Amoco decided to leave the market. I got two job offers – vice president assistant at ABN Amro Bank or partner in a company founded by three of my colleagues. We really didn’t know what we were going to do. We knew we could offer consultancy services regarding field acquisitions. So I went on with it.

In two years we developed the emission antennas network of CONNEX (later bought by British telecom company Vodafone). To put it shortly, we were working from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. I was dropping by at home twice a month. But none of us was a real entrepreneur and we wouldn’t think in advance. When the contract with CONNEX ended, we didn’t have anything left to do.

So with the money left we opened a pub. Three months of work there (including a bartender position) were enough to realize that it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

It took me an year to find another job in a PR services provider. Another job, another new domain, new things learned on the run. I worked 6 years there, from 2000 to 2005, and the most important were how to manage clients and what high standards mean.

Yet, my heart missed entrepreneurship. If at 30 I still dreamed about a career, at 36 I realized that being my own leader was more important.

This feeling (coincidentally?) appeared along with my marriage and the decision to have a baby. I wouldn’t have wanted to be the kind of mother that finds out about her child from the nanny or from the teacher. So I took the chance of the maternity leave and went to coaching classes. In the first two days I couldn’t understand anything, but in the third day I saw the light sparkling. I told my husband that “I wanted more” and he replied, joking, that it was exactly what he was afraid of.

Don’t fear change

I believe that my fear of boredom was so big that I couldn’t also feel the fear of change. I felt like learning and trying as many new things as possible. I didn’t know what I was looking for or how will I get to that thing. I didn’t even know what I was looking for actually. I thought that my duty was to explore so I’d have where to choose from.
Even though I talk about all these things as if they were changes, at that time I didn’t perceive them this way. It was “I must” versus “I want”. And I felt like I needed to keep the engine working and go ahead. I cried, and laughed, and suffered and cheered.

Learn something from any experience

I learned what work means, I learned how to relate with all kinds of people, I learned to appreciate the education received from my parents, I learned that standards are important, I learned to coordinate people and gained the experience to stand in front of people and say: “I know what you are going through, I know how where you are feels”. I also learned that it is good to stop from time to time and ask yourself: “now, where?”. I learned that it is good to do things only or yourself, I learned what love and friendship are, I learned to see behind appearances and not judging and I discovered my values, beginning to appreciate both mine and those of other people.

In 2006 Raluca started her own coaching projects being interested in career transition and high potentials. In time she extended her activity working mainly for new appointed members in Executive Committees on leadership issues. Since 2011 she specialized in Organizational Systems Relationship Coaching and started to work with teams.

From 2005 she became involved in Independent Consultants cabinet, developing leadership programs and participating in strategic events. From 2000 she worked as project manager for Forum Invest being in charge of the PR&Public Affairs Division. Her portfolio was made of major international companies: Intrarom, Brau Union, Alpha Bank, Eximbank, Interamerican, ABB, OTE International and Asiban.

In 1997 she started her own company together with 3 partners providing legal services, cadastral investigation for the new mobile network Connex (Vodafone). She negotiated and signed over 200 contracts for Site Acquisitions and Real Estate departments. The company had a turnover of 1 mil USD in 2 years.

Events – She’s been organising the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 editions of ICF Local Chapter Conference.

Raluca is married and has a 9 years old girl.

Raluca is a results-oriented coach with proven success in producing visible, sustainable behavioural changes by motivating, leading and inspiring her clients.

She is devoted to helping people stretch beyond their limits and achieve excellence and results, maintaining the focus, supporting and respecting client’s needs and values.

Raluca is helping her clients to clarify their objectives, to accommodate in their new roles, to become leaders, to have an easier and successful career transition, to improve their communication skills.

Marketing Manager responsible for CEE region – Leadership coaching focusing on communication with peers and with team members from CEE region in order to get alignment and improve results.

Human Resource Manager in a multinational company – working on her new role and regional responsibilities, leadership behaviors.

6 departments from a leading organization tire industry in Romania – working together for common objectives, aligning all the members to the values of the team, creating the proper environment for solving the internal conflicts.

Four members of the EXCOM team of the market leader in tire industry in Romania – leadership coaching, working on competencies and behaviours necessary for a new role in the organization.

Three High Potential managers from the market leader in tire industry in Romania – creating through coaching, a personal development plan in order to be prepared for achieving new responsibilities and/or new assignments.

CEO International Media Group, rediscovering the values, acting and planning future accordingly, clarifying the present role and status, living in the NOW

Head of Administration, ONG, clarifying long and medium term objectives, communication skills Recruitment & Career Planning Director, one of the major banks, transitioning into completely different business focus; strengthening strategic and business agility and ability to add value quickly.

Founder & CEO, branding company, clarifying business strategy, improving selling & communication skills Competence Manager, one of the most important market research companies, clarifying long and medium term objectives, career transition to a new role with the company Professor, high school USA, focus on the next steps in career & better communication with the family Medical doctor, specialist in one of the major hospitals, clarifying the long term objectives, improving listening skills, better communication with the family. Training Raluca also leads customer service seminars, coaching workshops and she was co-leader in sales and team management seminars.

Education and professional affiliation:

• BA in Chemical Engineering, graduated in 1995, Polytechnic University of Bucharest

• CEDRU, Marketing Fundamentals, 2004

• Coaching Training Institute(top 3 global coaching schools), Co-Active trained coach, ACSTH Program, 2006 – 2007

• Accredited Professional Certified Coach by International Coach Federation , ACC/ ICF – October 2008

• Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) (global team coaching school) , ACSTH program, graduate May 2011

• International Coaching Academy (ICA), ACTP program, Certified Professional Coach, graduate 2014

• Professional Certified Coach(PCC) by International Coach Federation(ICF), March 2014

The coaches training institute – 2007

Associate Certified Coach – ICF – 2008