About us


You are a manager or entrepreneur who reached that point in life when you feel challenged by a new role or venture. You are a powerful professional and need to make YOUR NEXT BIG STEP, but you have fears and doubts and have an urgent need to make a change. Welcome to the right place to do it.

We are a 12 year-old business, started as a solopreneurship project and converted after 6 years into a family venture. What makes us unique, this combination of expertise in corporate sales, consultancy and top-notch events, combined with coaching and mentoring, will help you design your own roadmap towards your desired results.

What we do is to help you:

– get clarity for your blind spots

– take action and make relevant changes in your mind-sets, habits and behavior

– start and understand your new role inside the company you work for

– design and develop your new business in your own way

– boost self-confidence



Coaches, managers and entrepreneurs who join the events that we are designing under internationally renowned entities, like ICF or ICA, enjoy a transformational journey on their way to becoming overachievers. We’ve already held:

  • 5 annual conferences for the ICF local chapter – events where the local community of professional coaches gets access to knowledge, global speakers and latest trends in coaching;
  • 2 MasterMind Groups (ex-Coaching Summer Schools) – as a wannabe coach or entrepreneur, here you have the chance to practice integrating strategic sales in your business, improve your positioning through your uniqueness and align your business with your ideal clients in order to grow your income;
  • 1 ICA local blended program – the only complete coaching program where you get certified by ICA and accredited by ICF, which allows you to immediately start to work globally as a coach;
  • 3 Coaching Supervision Groups – as a coach, manager or facilitator, you will learn to successfully use COACHING SKILLS in your work and even GET ACCREDITATION from ICF, the golden standard in coaching;
  • 3 Goodyear Dealer’s Academy – a specially tailored program for talented managers of Goodyear’s partners, focused on sales, negotiation, team coaching, leadership, motivation and strategic planning.
  • 2 Premio Academy – a complete training program for the Goodyear’s retail chain brand with components like sales, marketing, financial and strategic planning.