Manager as Coach

What it is

This is a program based on transferring coaching competences to managers who have a coaching role.

How it applies

Traditionally, managers have a command and control position. In order for them to lead their teams and obtain meaningful results in the development phases, they need a change in their leadership style, obtained through coaching abilities.

Through this program, they will learn to alternate their leading style, being more empathetic and using more often their emotional intelligence, comparing to a rather harsh approach of a manager.

This is a 6-month program developed for several phases:

– assessment (extended DISC)

– two day workshop

– six 1on1 coaching sessions


The managers will learn new behaviors, other than command and control, like learning to listen, to observe, to ask questions, to gain the commitment of his team. They will also start identifying the team members that wish to change and benefit from coaching.




GOODYEAR (High potentials)