Team coaching

Team leaders are top professionals handling a constant change of members. And although they are aces at the operational level, team leaders are rarely team players. Oftentimes, they’re focused rather on the team members and less on the whole strategy. On the other hand, leaders in the board teams are better on strategy, but have difficulty listening.

While working with team leaders, we’re tapping into the human potential through relationship coaching. In Relationship Coaching, the client is the relationship between the team members, not the members themselves. Within this program, middle and top managers develop their competence to communicate better and improve their people skills, in order to maintain and grow existing relationships and, as a consequence, get more focus on objectives and results. Team members become more aware of the team spirit, which will now be presented at a new, more elevated level.


  • identifying the formal and informal roles;
  • reducing the conflict potential;
  • building trust;
  • communicating better;
  • working together for a joint objective;
  • perceiving the system as it is in reality.
  • the team gains autonomy and capability to solve problems on its own.

Key-areas this service covers:

  • relationships between team members;
  • relationships between managers and teams;
  • relationships with clients and suppliers.


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