A problem is not something to be solved, it’s a message to be listened to. – Alan Seale, PCC

Managers are experienced professionals. They often find themselves being in transition, changing jobs or being promoted in new roles. So many of them are focused on results or obsessed by success. And sometimes they concentrate too much on their own image.

When working with managers, we come up with a tailored approach based on a one-to-one relationship that can also include feedback and feed forward from the key people surrounding them in order to develop self-awareness and make it possible for them to change (communication with their teams, response to stress, capacity to innovate, active listening, support of talents). We’ve also been working with talented managers and high potentials on changing the paradigm: from an operational level to a strategic one, thus building the big picture.

Key-areas this service covers:

– growing in a new role;

– ability to articulate in difficult conversations;

– paradigm shifts (e.g. from operational to management);

– catalyst for unrevealed talents;

– peak performance.




Four members of the EXCOM team of the market leader in tire industry in Romania – leadership coaching, working on competencies and behaviours necessary for a new role in the organization.

Three High Potential managers from the market leader in tire industry in Romania – creating through coaching, a personal development plan in order to be prepared for achieving new responsibilities and/or new assignments

CEO International Media Group, rediscovering the values, acting and planning future accordingly, clarifying the present role and status, living in the NOW

Head of Administration, ONG, clarifying long and medium term objectives, communication skills

Recruitment & Career Planning Director, one of the major banks, transitioning into completely different business focus; strengthening strategic and business agility and ability to add value quickly

Founder & CEO, branding company, clarifying business strategy, improving selling & communication skills

Competence Manager, one of the most important market research companies, clarifying long and medium term objectives, career transition to a new role with the company



General Sales Director, Romania and Bulgaria, automotive – working on external and internal communication within CEE and Romania and Bulgaria.

Expatriate General Manager, international top company, printing industry – relationship with management team.

Marketing Director, largest company in dairy industry – clarifying relationship with the team and identifying the next step, preparing for becoming manager at an international level.

Marketing Director, international top company, TELECOM – consolidating his role in five countries.

Sales Regional Manager in Bulgaria, consumer automotive – new management role.