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Case study: Austral – Promoting sales professionals in a team leadership role

Stationary company with national distribution, market leader, promoting 20 of the best sales professionals in a team leadership role. This is a major challenge for the first time in career, many of them being focused on operational tasks, not understanding the new situation.

During the contracting phase in discussions with General Manager, he mentioned that previous interventions as training programs brought an average ROI of 5%, so marginal. We aimed to reach a bigger one with a tailored solution.

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Case study: Vodafone – Board team members in cultural transformation with a new CEO

Vodafone is a global telecom operator that took over Connex in 2006, however this transition was difficult, local culture was dominating in a start-up form 1997 that used the first mover advantage on the market and put a clear stamp on managers in the way they approached problems.

The new CEO, a Romanian native, educated in Germany, had a financial approach based on investment in new technologies and turning around existing cultural habits.

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Case study: Razvan Pirvu, Ericsson – Role transition regional to global

Regional Manager covering Balkans in 2008 and how he managed to go to Executive Global role covering 3 continents. In telecom industry technology advances in matter of months, so the pressure on human structures to change and adapt is huge. Razvan was coming form advertising agency background, so for him working with a functional diverse team was the first challenge.

Back in 2008 the decision for choosing the best persons to stay in the volatile environment, was not so easy.

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