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How do I see myself leads to my purpose?

This may not be so obvious for you and it was not clear for me either. The classical confusion that we all make is when we look around or get impressed by others, and we decide on a projection of this, calling it our purpose.

When I work with managers, I often hear their need of having this kind of clarity. However, this is not achievable as simple as you would just set a goal for the next year, it is personal and not always retrievable.

I was writing in a previous article (link to) that you could draw a picture of yourself, and check feelings and what can be seen there, because in that way you can get in touch with things that you respect in yourself.

Asking a question like: ”what is your major struggle right now?” the answer is something like: ”not sure what to DO in the next years, or where I see myself”

So the interference of the DO shows that something in the NOW is maybe not so clear. The best visions that work are by far based in the PRESENT. In other words, checking your current situation can give the foundation for the big plan in the FUTURE.

Another thing is that you can only discover this inside you, not get it from the outside world, so it is related to your own personality.

I know that, traditionally, we used to have goal writers in companies, and that, somehow, creates a pressure to define missions, life purpose etc.

My invitation for you is to look inside, and to know that what you find is enough, because it is unique and representing of who you are.

Determine your vision for next 5 years

In this guide you will find your current answers for getting too attached to your past actions or maybe looking too much into your future, becoming obsessed with some potential results.

Understanding reality, moment by moment, is challenging, so I designed some simple tools for you to be comfortable with who you are NOW and to stay PRESENT and alert.

There is one personal request, please make some comments if you enjoy this guide and I will continue to send you more strategies on how to work with peers, support your team members and develop a motivated initiative.

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Navigating through shallow waters

One step further for an ambitious organisation will be to check their realities and find something that can challenge the current noise created not only by the constant failures in so-called ‘’change initiatives’’, but actually to encourage their leaders to work on their skills and behaviours based on a scalable approach.

It is scary to see that employees have low level of trust and therefore lose confidence in leadership, one of the main issues being the solutions that are offered on the market.
A recent estimated $14-50 billion is spent every year in US, and roughly I can say than some millions are spent here on our market, in leadership development, with minor impact.

I was recently asked by a reporter, to comment on a program, franchised based, which promised lots of results, many unrealistic, of course, it is still hard for me to keep my opinions about those promises, however I can easily see the danger for the ones that buy into those.

What are some possible causes for this context? Given the severe lack of trust up-mentioned, among employees, professionals who select the solutions are seduced by the nice designed models and frameworks, that paint the leader in a nice way, pretty much like the fashion industry is doing with good looking models.
Reality is not included, the power games, ego-centrism, hiding truths, lack of ethics, this is never part of any of those nice packed pain alleviating proposals, because simple put, they can scare anybody.
Another thing that is misused is the classical follow-up, which is given with grace to some coaches that fight the realities, after the prescribed model was given, facing resistance and coaching actually something that can be far from what is there.

I know that I may sound very critical, take a moment and look into your career and see what was more effective, a model that you are respecting even now, or something that you learned about yourself, that is currently shaping your career.
Salt Parasuta
So what is my approach? First I encourage leaders that I work with to receive feedback from others and work on their behaviours first, understand and accept who they are and than engage in shaping others. Click to Tweet
I would argue that is contra-intuitive to work with you, because as a manager and new leader you are asked to provide results with your team, but stop for a moment and ask yourself this: How much do I like myself NOW?
Than take a piece of paper and draw your leader profile the way you feel it, show it to your team and based on the feedback act on it.
The new VUCA world that all leaders face today requires ambiguity in approaches and letting go any kind of ego driven about what you may deserve because of your education, diplomas or own views.
What matters is one thing only: results delivered with your team and your capacity to navigate, the rest will fade away…

©2017 Serban Chinole

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