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Claim your ICF Credential in 4 months 

We're Not Kidding.

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We keep groups small, always with 2 Mentors. We take into account the unique skills level, that way people progress much faster.

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The intensive practice combined with opening and closing conversations leads to a consistent progress and accreditation.

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Our clients are busy so we can meet them online in the evenings, They can achieve progress without wasting time

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Serban Chinole, CPC, PCC

Raluca Chinole, CPC, PCC

STRUCTURE:  7 group sessions, 3 one to one sessions

Progress with individual guidance

Get your ICF Credential in 4 months

Max. 6 participants. Online sessions at convenient time.


"Mentoring sessions with Serban created the necessary space for honing coaching competencies. Serban is using feed-forward observing the critical areas for improvement. Practicing based on this focused observations has a strong impact on competence level.   Achieving ICF Credential as Associate Certified Coach I have the official confirmation from a global board that I display and practice in line with my clients needs, objectives and desires." Daniela Croitoru, Customer Care Manager, Enel Energie 

"Working with Serban in 2013 during 10 mentoring sessions via skype, was a powerful experience needed for getting credentialed by ICF with my ACC. He established a trusted relation and supported me even with some straightforward feedback, essential for my evolution as a becoming coach. His permanent guidance helped me to become aware in an efficient way, to focus on the exact areas where I needed to work in that period, in order to raise my performance as a coach. Many thanks... ​" Judit Hardaut, Coach