ICF Conference 2012 – Andrea Lee’s message

I know what’s on your mind: it’s getting harder and harder to be heard in a very noisy and competitive market place.

To get in front of the right people, decision makers and perfect clients that you are looking for, it takes some extra specialties these days.

My focus at the conference will be on three things:


I will talk about new ways in which coaches around the world are leveraging technology in order to increase their income. There are new ways in which coaches like you can get away from doing just those 1 on 1 coaching sessions and begin to leverage yourself, create recurring or more leveraged paths of income, reach more of your people and have a more lasting impact and influence in the world.


This is a very important way in which to cope with all the changes in businessinnovative thinking. My specialty is to make this concept of innovation very practical and doable. l will be sharing with you some exercises that you can apply immediately to your coaching business, brand, website, group program or proposal for companies.


It is that thing that you must stand for in your life and work. What is it that you stand for, what is the purpose or meaning of your life and work as a coach?

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