ICA Balkans Testimonials

“The F2F experience was particularly valuable as besides going through the curriculum it also offered me the chance to debate on the topics that were either unclear or seemed to be controversial at a certain point. Moreover, Serban was always willing to share from his experience in a manner that builded my trust in what coaching is all about. As compared to all my other professional trainings along the 20 years of corporate work experience, this one has a real touch of authenticity and left little questions unanswered.
ICA curriculum is straight and clear, providing an excellent base to build on. Materials are well structured and concise enough to be actually read before classes and they also provided further reading suggestions.
The group of 12 people in the first ICA Balkans class was a heterogeneous one, with people coming from large corporations, consulting, entrepreneurs, etc. Yet, we grew into a team that was confident to share experiences and help one another to progress. We started from various points of reference and experiences with coaching and during our last class, i really had the feeling that we were all confident to be a coach. I am for sure, although I am still half way through the program.
One of the “surprises” for me was that the program is a tough and demanding one, yet the whole system (tutors, internet platform, support materials, etc) manages to keep a friendly atmosphere so that everybody is encouraged to progress, no matter how busy we are.”

ICA student

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