ICA Balkans Testimonials

” I started the ICA quite skeptic and not knowing what to expect and I finished empowered and more confident in my ability to practice coaching.

I recommend having face-to-face meetings when participating in a coaching course, as the discussions and the practice are really authentic and more powerful. The group interaction is different vs. online, you become more confident and open towards the people in the group after you have few sessions face to face.

ICA is a complete program that is combining very well the face-to-face interaction (theory and practice) with online courses and discussions. It also offers the students the opportunity to practice coaching with people around the world using the ICA online platform. And for coaching, practice makes the difference!

ICA Balkans particular strength is coming from Serban Chinole ability to train and empower people and to share with us the coaching experience. He is an experienced trainer and coach and I highly recommend him as teacher if you want to become a coach.”

Raluca Paun

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