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1. How is the ICA Balkans program different than other programs in Romania?

  • ICA Balkans is the only coaching program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) that also has a complete trajectory of 126 hours.
  • It’s a combo program, with 60 hours taking place face to face in Bucharest (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Istanbul (Turkey) and the other part in the global platform in a teleclass system.
  • The program contains classes, practice, peer coaching, mentoring and supervision hours, all included in the full price.
  • This is the school where you define you own coaching model and “power tool”.
  • During the whole program (maximum 18 months) you get access to the discussion forums.
  • You find your first clients through your colleagues and the coaching hours count for the accreditation process.
  • You also gain access to groups supported by teachers of coaches specialized in many fields like Executive coaching, Transformational coaching, Parenting Coaching etc. These groups have monthly meetings in teleclass system.
  • You get access to the resources in the platform, coaching models, case studies etc.

2. How much does it last to obtain accreditation?

  • The program can last maximum 18 months. Each student can finish in his own rithm. The face to face modules happen across 4 months (a 2-day module a month). You can set your teleclass-based sessions depending on your time. Inside the platform, the sessions happen repetitively during a month, at different intervals and hours, so you could access them from basically anywhere around the world.

3. When is the new season starting? Where are the modules held?

  • The dates for the school’s next season are:

2014 Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul (soon to come)

2013 OCT. 25-26

2013 NOV. 22-23

2013 DEC. 13-14

2013 JAN. 17-18

  • The modules take place in 4 and 5 stars hotels and the price includes 2 coffee breaks and lunch.

4. What happens if I miss a module?

  • The flexibility offered by the online platform offers the possibility of catching up a missed module if it is a teleclass session. It is yet a practice that we don’t recommend except special occasions.

5. Where can I find the course’s documentation?

  • All the school’s documentation can be accessed through the ICA’s website and can be downloaded or read by using a special code and a password that you receive the moment you become a student.

6. Who can I turn to for asking questions?

  • As for the logistic details – how to handle the platform, what materials should you study for each module or the cases when you have problems accessing the platform, the Romanian team is always at your service.
  • In case you have questions about stuff that you are studying, specific subjects on coaching, you can address them to us or you can add them on the discussion forums or within the specialized groups.

7. How much does it last to start a business? When can I quit my current job and do this full time?

  • It depends how much you desire to launch a business. No one could answer this question, except yourself. Theoretically, the school offers you all the necessary elements to become a professional coach, and when you graduate youhave all the tools to open a coaching business. All you need is to have the courage to make this step.

8. Can I pay in installments?

  • To keep the flexible spirit of this school, we also give the chance to pay in installments. For those who pay in advance or opt for less installments we have significant advantages. For each person who decides to become an ICA Balkans student we have the openness to identify the best choice for both parts.