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Serban Chinole Blog

In mine se da o lupta, ce sa ii spun intai? Cat costa investitia si ma [...]

Această dimineață însorită de februarie, când soarele intra nesătul pe [...]

Raluca Chinole Blog

Who is it 4? Coaches, trainers, managers and entrepreneurs who want to [...]

Diferențele sunt adesea câștigătoare. Într-o echipă, cu cât oamenii su [...]

Coaching projects

Professionals within or outside organizations who seek personal growth and clarity in order to reach a highly desired purpose.
Coaching for top-managers
Mentoring ICF
Relationship coaching for strategic teams

Corporate Projects

Managers and entrepreneurs who need confidence and personal growth in order to boost their results and reach the next level in their businesses. This will happen through mentoring on three core-competences: coaching, marketing and sales.
Strategic Dealers Academy
I'CON Retail Academy
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