Education Services

Target market: Managers with experience from HR, Marketing C-level executives, entrepreneurs estabished, not start-ups, understand and want transformation and change of the current path.

Disruptions means challenge and feedback based interaction with peers.

Case Studies

Anda Bog is result driven professional, so she wanted to see the changes as fast as possible. With the first practicum session she started to feel the challenge. That was a moment when she discovered that if this will be replicated in the interactions with her future clients.

Julien Lefort is an experienced L&D manager with years of practice in London, now based in Cluj-Napoca. He was deep diving in the global platform leveraging the benefits of navigating and integrating skills in same time. He was certified and accredited by ICF within a year form his start now having his own coaching clients.

Raluca Hritcu is a seasoned HR consultant working for a major consultancy. She insisted in practicing coaching within the framework she is experienced in, so she practiced a lot inside the conversation competencies till she shifted her flow towards listening deeply.