ICF Conference 2012

Andrea Lee
Founder and CEO of the

Alan Seale, PCC, CTPC, MSC,
Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence

Andreea Lee

“The Future of Coaching: How Coaching is Adding Value and Generating Income in 2012 and Beyond”

The lecture will focus on current technology, trends, and real case studies of successful coaching that is earning 6 figures and beyond, using multiple modalities. Appropriate for the solo coach practitioner as well as larger organizations outside of the coaching field, the presentation will open up a broad picture of possibilities, show the realities of what it takes to achieve this kind of success, and leave the audience with a tool to decide whether the new ways to make money with coaching are for them.


“The Future of Coaching: 8 Steps to Maximize the Internet and Create Coaching Income”

To take advantage of the new ways coaching can add value and income to businesses large and small, we must look to the Internet as a tool. Through the concepts of generosity and education, as well as new technologies such as live streaming video, we can open up new markets in places around the world. Essential to the conversation is the concept of thought leadership, or standing out in a crowded market. Once your bold positioning has been established, the next step is to create an automated, attractive, evergreen sample offering. We will have hands-on exercises for each of these pieces to allow attendees to leave the workshop with concrete takeaways they can implement.

Alan Seale –

“Transformational Leadership Coaching Part I – Empowering Approaches for Uncertain Times”

Lecture will focus on skills and approaches that are critical for coaches and leaders during uncertain times – who we must be as coaches and important leadership qualities that are needed in today’s rapidly changing world.


“Transformational Leadership Coaching Part II: Tools and Skills for Uncertain Times” in detail

No one has ever been where we are now in the world. In today’s world, there is no guidebook or model to show us the way. We have to be able to engage the intuitive mind for guidance and direction as we create new pathways toward our future and a world that works. Therefore, the afternoon workshop will follow on from the morning lecture with specific coaching tools for engaging the intuitive mind in leadership coaching. Specifically, we will focus on three intelligences within us and on learning to listen to potential and let it show us the way forward.

ICF Conference 2010

Andrew Atter,
International Business Coach,
President of ICF Poland 2007

Alan Seale, PCC, MSC Leadership and Transformation Coach,
Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence

Alain Cardon, MCC,
Founder of Metasysteme Coaching

Andrew Atter –

“The Working Alliance: Vodafone Romania, a client case study, coaching demo, inter-active panel discussion and Q&A session, with active participation from Vodafone

Alan Seale –

“Calling Forth Greatness in the Human Spirit”

Alain Cardon – “To niche or not to niche”