Coaching Summer School 2012

You spoke and we were all ears. We have the perfect set up to start the deliberate practice for outstanding results in your business and life.

We know that you depend on developing your own unique skills and inventing a way to use them. Join Coaching Summer School 2012, on June 15 and 16, to start shaping your own products, learn how to successfully sell them and grow your business and life.

All happening at La Mansardă, in Bucharest.

Let’s build something together.

Join today! We only have 5 seats left.


Șerban Chinole

Words that sell – What words to use in writing and in face to face interactions to attract and compel your audience and sell

Triggers – Learn and practice the importance of having different triggers into your messages and how to use them to sparkle your promotional activity

How to pack your products by learning who you are and what you really sell

How to promote your products – Go past the blurry image and learn to promote your products: define your ideal client, design a campaign and implement it



Plus you will benefit from the experience of our 4 successful guests (via Skype):

Bill Turpin, Coach & Trainer at International Coach Academy

Infallible ways to enhance relationships using Extended DISC Model

Lisa Bloom, PCC, Storyteller Coach

Promoting your services – What’s the story?

Alan Seale, PCC, Leadership &Transformation Coach

We often forget: How partnering with your energy help you sell yourself and your products

Andrea Lee, Founder & CEO of the

Find your unique selling statement using words that represents you


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If you attended the Coaching Summer School from last year, you probably made some crucial steps after our great topics:

Last year challenges

● shift from pushing approach to being attractive approach

● stop finding solution for clients before understanding their needs

● identify the right time for implementing challenges in the organization, from the manager perspective

pricing versus value

What we talked about

The 3Ps

● Why understanding the Problem and the meaning for the client might save your business

● Find key strategies to Position your products and Services according to reality

● How to help your client grow wings and extend his overview through Possibility


Insights from CSS 2011 


● Start digging for the real problems of your clients by deeply listening and understanding the meaning

● Where we fail: It is not about coaching, it’s about what the client wants to buy

● 5 steps to be a client magnet: observe, ask questions, stay curious, understand the meaning and articulate  [/one_half_last]


Do these goodies lighten you up? There’s more:

Get your seat now and you will receive free of charge two video recordings from last year:

Șerban Chinole – How to add or take away value: The 3Ps (Problem, Positioning, Possibility)

Lisa Bloom – Storytelling for Relationship Building, Niche Discovery and Client Attraction



129 € +VAT

99 € + VAT*

*anyone who attended any of the previous I’Consultants events (ICF Conference, Coaching Summer School 2011, supervision and mentoring etc.)

 For the agenda click here.




Become Independent

I know that the only way to transform a service into a profitable business is through deliberate practice.

Join the Coaching Summer School 2012 to become independent.

You will:

  • discover how your experience and passions can help you succeed;
  • identify what things from your own toolbox could bring value and become successful products.
  • understand how to pack them up for clients.
  • learn to promote them.
  • apply the pipeline theory – building the architecture of your products, services and clients.

Start your deliberate practice at the Coaching Summer School 2012.

Venue: La Mansarda.


129 € + TVA Full ticket
99 € + TVA Alumni*

*anyone who attended any of the previous I’Consultants events (ICF Conference, Coaching Summer School 2011, supervision and mentoring etc.)

As flavor, watch last year CSS short movie.