Certified Coaching Program – CPC



Become Certified Professional Coach – globally recognized certification

Small groups with experienced professionals –  the learning process moves faster

International online Platform – access to many resources, getting clients during the program

Flexibility – blended program with face to face and teleclass hours

No hidden costs, one solution, no additional costs for completion

The program is address to all the persons that want to become professional coaches and have a career in coaching.

Structure 126 Accredited Coaching Training Hours (mandatory condition for PCC accreditation) 60 Accredited Coaching Training Hours, Face to Face (mandatory condition to become ICF member) in 4 modules of 2 days 48 training hours in global community – teleclasses 18 hours of supervision

  [one_half] What will you learn?

  • Coaching Skills  Knowledge

Foundation Coach – 14 hrs

Life design – 14 hrs

Coach Skills – 16 hrs

Frameworks &  Theories – 12 hrs

  • Coaching Development

Power Tools – 18 hrs

iCoachPortfolio – 6 hrs

  • Practice &  Supervision

Practicum – 18 hrs

Supervised – 18 hrs

Peer Coaching – 6 hrs

Client Management – 4 hrs[/one_half] [one_half_last] Diploma Sorina micDiploma Bianca mic [/one_half_last]

 Benefits: All the necessary skills and tools to become a coach with a private practice or within a corporation; Become a Certified Professional Coach Knowledge about what happens in other countries and eventually get to know people to partner with. Possibility of applying for ACC or PCC (ICF accreditations) via ACTP path.


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Dragos Marian FB “While doing the long and challenging transition from a technical specialist to a functional manager with over 100 reports, I became more and more aware of the necessity of developing my people skills and my understanding of personal motivation and how it affects everything we do. Being “baptized by fire” was a component of my evolution – taking ever increasing challenges – however I felt the need for a perspective change, something that you don’t normally get out of corporate training and / or leadership literature. After gaining some accidental insight on what coaching actually is from some friends and general books, I felt that a lot of the answers I was looking for were to be found in advanced, hands-on coaching training. ICA Balkans was my choice as it has the most detailed and comprehensive curricula, enables the most natural learning progression and is staffed with highly recommended & experienced trainers. It was the right choice: I was positively shaken out of my comfort zone, improved a lot on my listening skills, started to intuitively understand inner motivation & what drives people. The melange of face to face discussions and practice, online / telephone classes and intensive practicum ensures that the learning process designed by the school, if followed, will bring new insights, skills and abilities that are essential for today’s leader.” Dragos Marian, Quality Unit Head, Sandoz