ICA Balkans Diplomas

ICA Balkans promise was a complete ACTP program in one year and the possibility to become accredited by the International Coach Federation in the same period of time.

You can find bellow some of our students diplomas that are testifying this.

[one_half]Diploma Marius mic[/one_half] [one_half_last] Marius Sirbu, PCC

Certified Professional Coaching Program

Coaching Model : DARE

Power Tool: Person vs. Persona[/one_half_last]

[one_half] Diploma Bianca mic[/one_half] [one_half_last] Bianca Vlad, ACC

Certified Professional Coaching Program

Coaching Model: Be the Best You

Power Tool: Positive Thinking vs. Negative Thinking[/one_half_last]

[one_half] Diploma Raluca P mic[/one_half] [one_half_last]Raluca Paun

Certified Professional Coaching Program

Coaching Model: TRUTH

Powe Tool: Optimism vs. Pessimism[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Diploma Sorina mic [/one_half] [one_half_last] Sorina Popa

Certified Professional Coaching Program

Coaching Model: POINT the trip towards your goal

Power Tool: Reflection vs. Action[/one_half_last]

[one_half] Diploma Rajesh mic[/one_half] [one_half_last] Rajesh Vaidya

Certified Professional Coach Program

Coaching Model: Authenticity Anchored

Power Tool: Limiting vs. Expansive[/one_half_last]










ICA Balkans Testimonials

“The F2F experience was particularly valuable as besides going through the curriculum it also offered me the chance to debate on the topics that were either unclear or seemed to be controversial at a certain point. Moreover, Serban was always willing to share from his experience in a manner that builded my trust in what coaching is all about. As compared to all my other professional trainings along the 20 years of corporate work experience, this one has a real touch of authenticity and left little questions unanswered.
ICA curriculum is straight and clear, providing an excellent base to build on. Materials are well structured and concise enough to be actually read before classes and they also provided further reading suggestions.
The group of 12 people in the first ICA Balkans class was a heterogeneous one, with people coming from large corporations, consulting, entrepreneurs, etc. Yet, we grew into a team that was confident to share experiences and help one another to progress. We started from various points of reference and experiences with coaching and during our last class, i really had the feeling that we were all confident to be a coach. I am for sure, although I am still half way through the program.
One of the “surprises” for me was that the program is a tough and demanding one, yet the whole system (tutors, internet platform, support materials, etc) manages to keep a friendly atmosphere so that everybody is encouraged to progress, no matter how busy we are.”

ICA student

ICA Balkans Testimonials

” I started the ICA quite skeptic and not knowing what to expect and I finished empowered and more confident in my ability to practice coaching.

I recommend having face-to-face meetings when participating in a coaching course, as the discussions and the practice are really authentic and more powerful. The group interaction is different vs. online, you become more confident and open towards the people in the group after you have few sessions face to face.

ICA is a complete program that is combining very well the face-to-face interaction (theory and practice) with online courses and discussions. It also offers the students the opportunity to practice coaching with people around the world using the ICA online platform. And for coaching, practice makes the difference!

ICA Balkans particular strength is coming from Serban Chinole ability to train and empower people and to share with us the coaching experience. He is an experienced trainer and coach and I highly recommend him as teacher if you want to become a coach.”

Raluca Paun

ICA Balkans Testimonials


Madalina Dubiczki “When I joined the ICA BAlkans school, I didn’t have too many insights about what coaching is and does. The zillion of articles on this on the net and the reluctance of those being coached to talk about it, given its personal nature, makes it seem shallow and sound like a corporate benefit you get whether you like it and need it or not.

The reasons I chose to learn about coaching were just since it sounded like a nice to have appendix to my psychology school.

And then there came change. And this is coaching itself, all about change. Serban Chinole knows about real change – and he is one of the few people I met in my life who has a real power to both inspire change and to teach you how to inspire change in others. He inspired the change in me and made me see things from a very different perspective.

He is intelligent, open to new, calm and mature, has loads of experience in business and in life, and more than this, enabled by Raluca, he shares it so naturally, it just sticks to you. He gives value and meaning to his profession and makes you want to follow on his foot-steps. ICA has indeed an advanced infrastructure and very good materials, they are a large community, but it all goes down to the people – Serban and Raluca are those who make the real difference.

The school model was set up ideally for the busy professional I am, since it’s a very healthy mix of group sessions and online training. In the group sessions you have the opportunity to talk, exchange ideas and there is a sense of community which develops – you see the change in the others as well as in you. The online sessions complete those parts and give you a start as a coach in the online environment a lot of us prefer right now.

I consider myself lucky to have enrolled in ICA Balkans, I learned a lot about myself and about coaching, I met a few wonderful people in the school and I am looking forward to more and more interactions as a trainee and later coach.”

Madalina Dubiczki



Coaching Summer School 2012 – REVIEW, by Paul Dumitru

Truth is timeless! I just came across a little black rectangular notebook from six years ago, while rummaging in a green box in my room. Flicking through its pages, I found some thoughts from back then, and remembered what used to concern me at that time. I chuckled over some ultra-serious thoughts. But that’s how old writings work: when you look back, they seem either childish, or way too grave.

The notes from Coaching Summer School 2012 will probably fit the latter. But there’s more about this kind of notes: they remain valid even after years pass. They remain true.

The Coaching Summer School (CSS 2012), which is put into shape by I’Consultants (aka Raluca and Serban Chinole), started in a hot summer morning, on June 15. Ten people – some new, some from the last edition of the event – sat in a circle, in the neat space called The Attic (La Mansarda), in Cotroceni, Bucharest. This is a versatile space, serving both as a working space and workshop room. I’Consultants also organizes networking events here and delivers services like supervision for wannabe coaches.

The first day started with a short review of CSS 2011, remembering the 3Ps (Problem, Positioning and Possibility). Serban listed the challenges that most of us who attended the previous edition had. We talked about how things evolved for each of us from last year and then we all settled for a new experience. We began by drawing the “wheel of sales” adapted to our individual needs and levels of development, followed by a short 1 to 1 coaching session.

Lisa Bloom, story coach, followed. She talked about how our own stories can help us identify specific things that make us and our services special. To do that, try to identify the “pivotal moments” in your life and career that brought you where you are today. Wait, there’s more: “Try to discover when you find authentic enjoyment in what you do” Lisa said. “What is it that makes you happy? Cause that’s where you should start from”. In other words, develop the things you are passionate about, because you will be genuinely motivated to grow them. In my case, drawing and writing are my passions and my aim would be to integrate them into my services.

Next was Alan Seale, coach and founder at the Center for Transformational Presence. Alan believes that the Universe is made of energy in motion, so it would be useless to try to stop problems from occurring, but rather strive to understand “what they want to tell you”. Alan also talked about how understanding your clients is easier if you put yourself in their shoes. Not literally. Just try to imagine yourself as one of your clients and notice his needs, fears, reasons to be happy. Understand his context.

The second day, we took off with a visualization exercise put up by Raluca, where we tried to see ourselves 10 years from now. I imagined a house with a nice attic and big windows. The future me seemed pretty sharp and self confident, he seemed happy. Although, I have some doubts about his manners, as he kept me at the door.

This was shortly followed by an intense workshop held by Serban on packaging products and words that sell. We also made a step in front of the camera after crafting our USP (unique selling persona) and composed focused, intense messages that sell.

Successful blogger and entrepreneur Dragoș Roua (a digital nomad as he calls himself) was the special guest of the day. He talked about having a blog. It takes up to 3-4 years to build a successful one, with a rate of at least one article a week. What can you write about? You can start with yourself, with what you notice, with what you do. Remember just two key-attributes: authenticity and authority. Everything else will follow. And, luckily, you could start with a “30 days try”.

Last but not least was Bill Turpin, trainer and coach. He explained how the extended DISC model can help you build meaningful relationships. “Build on who you already are”, he said. “Begin to recognize what the others see as valuable in you, because that’s what you’ve got to offer”. He also presented the top 5 strengths of a character: empathy, activator, relator, developer, and command.

Along the way, I kept writing and filled 12 pages. This is pretty serious stuff and, for what it’s worth, these pages stand now beside me, representing less than 20% of the things we talked about, even less if I consider the whole experience. Every I’Consultants event turns out to be a great space for meeting valuable people and connect with them in a rather profound way, based on energy and intuition. But no, that’s not here, in these pages, only “ultra-serious” stuff. Yet, time will tell if they’re just a projection, or an authentic window to the future.

ICF Conference 2012 | Watch the recording today!

Have you missed the ICF Conference 2012 – A New Path? No worries, we have prepared a surprize. You can watch it right now, from your comfortable chair. Just follow the steps.

The morning tuition was 149 €, but the recordings, which you can watch and review at any time, start at only 19 €. Just make a choice:






For the full recording, you also get a 20% discount for any future event organized in 2012 or 2013 by I’Consultants and ICF Romania.

Here’s a sneak peak from the conference:

ICF Conference 2012 – A New Path: trends in coaching

by Cristina Constantinescu, Portal HR

The ICF Conference 2012 – A New Path was held on March 8th, in Bucharest, at Phoenicia Hotel. The guest speakers of this edition were Andrea Lee, Founder and CEO of WealthyThoughtLeader.com and Alan Seale, Leadership and Transformation Coach, Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence (http://www.transformationalpresence.org/).


Why A New Path? Because we live in a world of change and diversity. Therefore, the coaching business needs to reach out to a world of diverse business needs and backgrounds. As an introduction to the first part of the ICF Conference,

Șerban Chinole (http://www.serbanchinole.ro/), underlined that 2012 is not the end, but a year of change, of evolution.

Andrea Lee spoke also about the changes of nowadays and how the coaching business can face these changes. The new solution is the innovation, in a world of competition, said Andrea Lee. She also presented innovative solutions for improving coaching business and making it more profitable.

Alan Seale emphasized also that “we live uncertain times, everything is changing very fast – so how do we fix it? Well, there is nothing to fix!” he believes. “We have to learn to close the gap between what we know and what we live”, he said, giving the audience 7 paradigms to move forward. Alan also talked about transformational leadership coaching.

During the afternoon workshops, Andrea Lee developed solutions for coaching business. She presented 8 steps to maximize the internet and create coaching income. Alan Seale’s workshop was focusing on tools and skills for engaging the intuitive mind in leadership coaching, using the three intelligences within us (mind, gut and heart) and learning to listen to our potential.


“A fost o surpriză foarte plăcută, pentru că aveam o idee preconcepută despre conferințe, în care se vorbesc lucruri mai degrabă de dragul de a fi vorbite.  Prezentările au fost la obiect, cu niște idei noi, care pot coduce la rezultate superbe. Chiar am avut câteva idei noi foarte bune, în special din prezentarea Andreei Lee. De la workshopul lui Alan Seale am învățat cum să folosesc un limbaj care să fie înțeles și cumpărat de oricine, dincolo de limbajul de specialitate. O să aplic ce am învățat aici și personal și în businessul de coaching. Mă bucur că am ales să vin la această conferință, cum spunea și Alan, intuiția a ales bine!” (Anca Petrescu, Spiritual, Life and Business Coaching, HR Counselling, Goals2Life)

„Am venit la Conferință ca să aflu câteva instrumente noi de a fi un coach mai bun. Prezentarea lui Alan Seale a fost extrem de interesantă. Chiar mi-a dat niște instrumente pe care le-am și aplicat și am simțit imediat rezultatul. Workshopul lui Alan Seale a fost extraordinar. Am rămas cu soluții la două probleme pe care le am, una legată de ceea ce fac profesional și una legată de viața personală. Mi se pare că e o chestie extraordinară faptul că am reușit într-un grup, fără să exprim aceste chestiuni cu voce tare.” (Ovidiu Toader, Director General, Häfele România)

„Ambele prezentări mi-au plăcut foarte mult. Cea a Andreei Lee a avut o abordare foarte pragmatică, mi-am notat o grămadă de lucruri. Deși lucrez în domeniul corporate, am translatat câteva lucruri direct la jobul meu. Pentru că s-au legat de felul în care eu, ca și coach, pot să ajut mai mult managerul să-și dezvolte oamenii și să transmit mai mult din ce știu eu. Și cum să marketez, cum să vând, cum să împachetez și cum pot să influențez. Practic, tot ce a reieșit din prezentarea Andreei Lee, coroborat cu cea mai zis Alan Seale apropo de cum trebuie să creezi settingul de învățare, pe toate le-am luat ca pe instrumente pe care eu să le folosesc începând de mâine, în companie, în jobul meu de zi cu zi.” (Maria Dinu, Supply Chain HR Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Romania)

Alan Seale: Don’t try to solve the problem. Listen

Alan Seale, Key Note Speaker at the ICF Conference 2012 – A New Path, will be focusing on transformational leadership coaching. More specific, who we need to be as coaches in these times and what are the skills and approaches that we need to be focusing on.

In the afternoon workshop, you will be working with Alan on specific skills and tools for living in today’s changing world, and understanding how these times are different.

Alan Seale:

“We’ll tap into your intuitive mind and expending it into your coaching. We’ll find out how we can understand much more clearly what’s going on.

We’ll try to recognise where our resistence and fears are, and find tools to help your clients identify what’s getting in their way, and what’s keeping them from moving forward.

We will also work on how to recognize emerging potential; we still tend to focus too much on solving problems, but that’s actually moving us backwards not forwards; we need to be able to recognize that a problem is not something to be solved, it’s a message to be listened to.

We’ll learn how to listen to what’s happening around us for the messages that these things have for us.”

Only on March 1, buy your ticket at a special price: