About Serban

● Certified Professional Coach (CPC) – International Coach Academy

● Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – International Coach Federation

● Completed ICF Professional Coach Training (CTI)

● Expert in Sales Leadership & Management

● US Sales Management Experience

● Completed Marshall Goldsmith Certification 

The 3 “I”s

Is there really a predefined path, that we generically call fate? Or we could avoid the inevitable by finding devious streets? It’s not just me wondering this, but also many of the people I meet. But I believe that a more important question is: “Who are you?”.


I’ve been constantly trying to discover all the facets of my identity.

When I emigrated in the US, back in 1991, I was a mechanical engineer (a Polytechnics University graduate). This is when I had my first dilemmas regarding my identity and values. These doubts aroused from the fact that I had studied in the Romanian educational system, with its well-known issues. I finished the faculty by going to evening classes, while also working in a factory at the same time.

So when I arrived in America I felt I had a limited perspective on a market so advanced as that of the United States. Before 1989 (the fall of communism in Romania) I’d only worked in production and I had no experience in product design. In other words, I wasn’t really an engineer. But I was lucky to enter a whole new field: SALES.


Three years later, because the United States declined my request for another Green Card, I had to return. I was sad and I felt this was a step backwards. But it actually wasn’t. It turned out to be what I needed.

It hadn’t been easy to come back. At that time, Romania wasn’t a good place to be in business, while I went to the US with lots of hopes and plans. I was a fresh graduate and I was very disappointed by the new political regime, which was not far from the ex-communist one. Still, in 1993 I got involved in three projects developed by multinational companies (P&G, Johnson Wax and Chemsearch), which were at that time just entering the market, bringing new job positions. This was the start of a period that brought me self-trust, when I proved to myself that I am able to build something, to make the difference, to come out on top. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Don’t we all want this?

Although the US experience had been a disappointment, it’s the American endeavor that helped me. The three years of sales were an experience that weighted enough for being recruited by foreign companies that wanted to make business in Romania.


I’ll make a jump in time straight to 2001, the year of gaining my independence. This is when I founded my own company, I’Consultants. This change in my life came after being a full time and project-based trainer within training company Achieve Global. Four years later I entered the coaching industry and completed my road to complete independence.

Meanwhile, I discovered that I work best from home, feeling the sweet smell of a small consultancy business that covers my attic, where – of course – you are welcome at any time.

Our problems can’t be solved by the same level of thinking with which we created them. – Albert Einstein

Serban has a strong business experience in the US and Romania. He is a professionally trained coach and he’s President of the International Coach Federat on in Romania. One of his major executive coaching projects was done within Marshall Goldsmith Partners CEE in Romania.

Within SCOA, Italy’s pioneer and leader in executive coaching, Serban implemented coaching solutions for the Balkans area. At this very moment, he’s running an executive coaching program at Board level. Being an experienced facilitator, Serban often moderates and reveals the truth behind the internal assessments used by corporate departments in developing leaders.

In 2013 ICA Balkans the only full accredited ACTP coaching program was launched with suc-cess, now 15 students are graduating as Certified Professional Coaches.

His mission is to spread professional coaching in the Balkans, working as a global facilitator for ICA, and as mentor and supervisor for the ICA Balkans coach-ing academy.

He started his career in 1991, as a salesman, in the USA, where he’s been working within Buckeye Industrial Supply, an industrial sales distributor based in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1994, as a Sales Manager, he took part in the process of launching operations and positioning on the Romanian market of three giants: Procter & Gamble, Johnson Wax and Chemsearch.

In September 2001, Serban opened his own consultancy and coaching firm, Independent Consultants, delivering solutions for:

– Sales performance with consultative approach
– Assessment, training implementation and coaching
– Management structures development
– Sales strategy & business planning
– Team building
– Leadership by objectives

From 2003, Serban implemented projects related to sales performance in banking, B2B and telecom. As a facilitator and consultant he worked with Raiffeisen, Piraeus, BCR Asigur”ri, RTC Holding, Mobifon, Telemobil.

From 2005, Serban has been working in several coaching projects with clients from banking, telecom, industry, FMCG and retail. It’s 2005 when Serban’s firm, Independent Consultants, implemented Sales Academy with Goodyear, having exceptional success. This program continues with dedicated coaching programs at board level and department level.

During 2009, Goodyear’s retail concept “Premio” was launched, having opened 10 stores until now, the operational training programs being designed and implemented by Serban. Another major project was with Heineken, where Serban built two management programs, “Management of the Team” and “Coaching Express”, during three years (2006-2008), for over 150 persons.

Five years ago, in 2006, ICF Romania was established. Today, the local ICF chapter gathers professional coaches, managers and HR professionals for a local national conference with international coverage, taking place in spring.

Telcom global leader: Human Resource Director, VP role, board member
Transition from a 1200 people organization to a 4000 people, leading the change process for the new operator acquisition

Senior Director Supply Chain & Sales Operation, board member
Transition from a western market to the local, expatriate integration, shifting the current competencies towards sales approach

Telecom:Deputy CTO, Senior Director Network Operations
Transition from a management position, to leading 330 engineers

Banking Major international: Compensation & Benefits Development Director
Transition to an international role as expatriate

Banking: Major Clients Director
Transition form a 10 years banking career towards own management consulting business

FMCG global leader: Supply Chain Manager
Transition to a Senior Director role, leading manufacturing location

CEE Cluster Sales Director
Transition from role of Sales Director for 2 market countries to a cluster of 6 market countries.

Trade Marketing Manager CSEE
Transition from Key Account Manager for strategic channels in Romania to CSEE level.

Business Coaching project restructuring and turnaround for a 7 figures local business, working with 2 owners

Mentoring clients for ICF credentials
Mentoring for transition to entrepreneur roles.

I have benefited from 20 coaching sessions with Serban. I can say that he is a true professional, with excellent knowledge and skills in developing his client’s individual potential. During this period, he helped me acknowledge some strong points which I didn’t notice that I have and also helped me to find for myself the best ways in which I can apply them. Serban has a very deep knowledge of understanding the human behavior and adapting to any given situation that you bring in the coaching sessions. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to find out more about themselves, to overcome some emotional blockages or just to improve his own performance at the work place or in any other field.

Bogdan Sebeni
Coach, Schaeffler Romania