Alan Seale: Don’t try to solve the problem. Listen

Alan Seale, Key Note Speaker at the ICF Conference 2012 – A New Path, will be focusing on transformational leadership coaching. More specific, who we need to be as coaches in these times and what are the skills and approaches that we need to be focusing on.

In the afternoon workshop, you will be working with Alan on specific skills and tools for living in today’s changing world, and understanding how these times are different.

Alan Seale:

“We’ll tap into your intuitive mind and expending it into your coaching. We’ll find out how we can understand much more clearly what’s going on.

We’ll try to recognise where our resistence and fears are, and find tools to help your clients identify what’s getting in their way, and what’s keeping them from moving forward.

We will also work on how to recognize emerging potential; we still tend to focus too much on solving problems, but that’s actually moving us backwards not forwards; we need to be able to recognize that a problem is not something to be solved, it’s a message to be listened to.

We’ll learn how to listen to what’s happening around us for the messages that these things have for us.”

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  1. says

    Best speaker ever! When Alen talks, pelope listen. He also breaks down his message to something his audience can walk away with and use immidiately in their own business. Alan is professional, possitive, inspiring, and knows how to relay his message to his audience while keeping thier attention the entire time. After Alan speaks the crowd buzzes with enthusiasm about the topic. Not only is Alan a great speaker, but he has a helpful spirit. I’ve seen Alan dedicate hours before and after his speaking engagements helping companies and individuals one-on-one utilizing each moment while he has while he is at his speaking engagement. Alan is the real deal on stage and off. You get the same helpful enspiring Alan off the mic aswell!

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