We believe that there is a Plan B for anyone. It can be more trusting, more collaborative and future oriented – and that’s how it becomes real and achievable.

So in Coaching Attic heart you’ll find 3 core values:

  • Respect for your current knowledge
  • Partnership and Ownership for journey
  • Empowerment through challenge and choice


How can we serve better Senior Managers in transition?

Gaining Focus & Clarity with:

  • Education – check our events page LEARN MORE
  • Services – individual, teams or groups in transition CASE STUDIES


Everything started in 2008, difficult period in my career, 8 years in various sales & development roles. Today I cover a global role in same company, entering in the 18th year. Serban helped me to focus on the positive aspects in our industry context and to activate my strengths. He asked me to ignore political or negative scenarios. After 2 consecutive coaching projects, 2008-2010, I managed to let go the changing everything desires and I created my own path within same organization, now leading teams on 4 continents with the higher trust gained in the long coaching conversations. Anything is possible if you accept feedback and dare, many thanks.

Razvan Pirvu
Director Strategy & Business Development, Business Area Managed Services

Before meeting Raluca, I started to read what coaching means. What intrigued me was the definition that coaching is a journey to self, in which the guide is the…client. After attending the coaching sessions I must admit that it is more than that, it is a subtle process of self-awareness in steps, an efficient way of discovering your own strengths and weaknesses and the best ways to deal with them in order to move forward (on a professional and private level). I strongly recommend a coaching session and I encourage the participants to have no expectations at the beginning, just the desire to become more competitive, more efficient and determined to make a change. You’ll be surprised of the results in time.

Delia Margarit
Account Director

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